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Greetings and welcome to St. John’s College.

      The college, established for over 172 years now, continues to serve the nation by emancipating the dormant potential of the youth and by encouraging them towards overall excellence, drawing its inspiration from the great truth enunciated by Lord Jesus Christ, “ The Truth shall make you free”. This truth forms the motto of the college and has been its guiding principle, as we seek to awaken in our students a sense of intrinsic worth, based on God-given potential and a commitment to respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual, amidst racial, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity. It has been our endeavor to offer an integrated and holistic education that focuses on intellectual, cultural, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of our students and to transform them into capable, compassionate and committed human beings.

     The college is blessed with a well- qualified, talented and competent faculty to mentor students, to guide their academic experiences, build critical skills and cultivate their creative thinking with the aim of social transformation with justice for all. The college encourages students to avail facilities offered by the college for physical fitness through games, sports and from overall growth of their personalities for the development of their talent and leadership skills through participation in several extra-curricular activities periodically organized by the college. The college is well supported by a motivated and cooperative non-teaching staff.

     I hope that students will make their stay enjoyable, memorable and meaningful using their potential to the fullest so that when they leave the portals of this college, they will engage in serving the wider community and building a strong and vibrant nation with humane values and democratic ethos.

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